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  • zacharge:

    California Red-sided Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis infernalis)- Sonoma County, CA

    Garter snakes, the other rainbow

  • libutron:

    Kenyan Sand Boa - Eryx colubrinus

    The sand boas are a group of generally small boids related to the rosy and rubber boas of North America, and together they make up the group (subfamily) called the Erycinae boas.

    Also named East African Sand Boa, Eryx colubrinus (Boidae), is in build a typical sand boa, but colored orange or yellow with chocolate-brown to black splotches. The belly is white or cream. In the wild, this species ranges through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Libya, Chad, Niger, Yemen, Tanzania, and Somalia.

    They eat small rodents and lizards, which they catch by lying in wait nearly buried in the dirt or sand until a potential meal walks by. Relatively small prey are grasped very quickly and suffocated not by constriction but by pulling them under the sand.

    References: [1] - [2]

    Photo credit: ©Cat Smith | Locality: not indicated (2007)

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  • frogs-are-awesome:

    Turtle Frog (Myobatrachus gouldii)

    The only species in its unique genus, Australia’s Myobatrachus gouldii is even more divergent than the purple frog, having adapted to a mole-like existence of tunneling underground and breaking into termite nests, poking their comically small heads into the bug’s burrows and slurping them up. Rather than reproducing in water like a majority of other Anura, turtle frogs breed in their burrows and young skip past the tadpole phase, remaining in their eggs until they’ve formed into pin-headed burrowers themselves.


    Picture by Evan Pickett via flickr

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  • NOAA: 2014 on track to be warmest year on record


    Washington Post: Record temperatures in September suggest 2014 is on track to become warmest year on record, says NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center.

    The September average temperature, 1.3 degrees above average, follows the warmest August on record, and the warmest summer on record, as well.

    And year to date, 2014 ties with 1998 and 2010 — two of the warmest years in recorded history — with a temperature departure of 1.22 degrees above average.

  • earthlynation:

    Pacific white sided dolphin (by neptunecanada)

  • earthlynation:

    Face to face with Hectors dolphin (by hectorshero99)

  • capturedphotos:


    Call it magic; call it true. Call it magic, when I’m with you. Taken last night at Caspersen Beach, Florida. It was a magical view! 

    Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil

    Really amazing photograph!!

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